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Good Mourning

Hand-Crafted Ceramics superimposed over an AI Generated Image


Good Mourning combines AI-generated imagery and hand-crafted ceramics. The artwork aims to critique the current educational climate, particularly the system overseen by Ofsted, which prioritizes data-driven assessment and bureaucratic protocols over the fundamental aspects of teaching and pastoral care. By emphasizing the disconnection between the teacher's genuine interaction with their students and the overwhelming administrative burdens imposed upon them, Good Morning underscores the potential loss of personal connection and individualized guidance.


The mask is coated in thin layers of exaggerated, sickly skin tones, symbolising the negative impacts of these procedures on mental and physical wellbeing.  The ceramic face is superimposed over an AI-generated image of a child, representing the students who are ultimately affected by this phenomenon. The choice of a child's image serves as a poignant reminder of the crucial role teachers play in nurturing and shaping young minds.


Through this juxtaposition, the artwork challenges viewers to reflect on the significance of fostering a holistic educational environment that values the teacher-student relationship, empathy, and individual growth. It serves as a powerful visual statement, reminding us that the well-being and development of those being taught should always remain at the forefront of educational priorities, ensuring that the untapped potential within each student is not overshadowed by administrative demands.

31/10/22 - 31/10/23 - Unpaid Hours


Unpaid Hours is a year-long, time-based, conceptual artwork that unveils the hidden toll of unpaid hours. The piece addresses the systemic issues within the education sector and the wider public sectors in crisis due to the Tory Government. Unpaid Hours sheds light on the undervalued labor and the necessity for strike action and change. The piece is created by Bristol-based artist Annie Edwards, who is also a college lecturer. When a year has passed, the first half of the piece will be complete. Annie will use this primary data to inform a visual, colour-coded piece to accompany the book. Stay tuned for the result!


Unpaid Hours invites the viewer to reflect on the profound impact of these working conditions (outlined in the statistics above) addressing the unbalanced expectations imposed by Ofsted and the Government.


By capturing the essence of time and translating it into a tangible record, this time-based artwork urges Ofsted and the Government to reevaluate their bureaucratic procedures and to recognise and respect the tireless efforts of those who shape the future generation. If you would like to join in and record your unpaid hours for a year tag #unpaidhours

Child 123.png

Good Morning


Resources sent at 9


Train delayed


Skint, but paid the hefty fine

Sat in the taxi

Up since five

Baptism of fire

I go in blind


Good Morning

Today you will deliver

A PowerPoint

You’ve never seen before


To a group of people

You’ve never met before

Children who have seen the worst

Children whose futures

Spin round in reverse

People who are treated worse

Than you can ever imagine



Oh - you’ll manage


Good Morning sexual assault

Welcome, look out for knife crime

True or false you can get murdered online

It’s called attempted suicide

Are you awake

Are you aware of climate change


Good Mourning

Your future’s fucked

Trigger warning kids

Your teacher is in mourning

She had to beg

To attend a funeral

She isn’t equipped

She’s set up to fail

Off the rails with lack of detail

From her manager



Special Educational Needs

No paperwork? No Proof? No EHCP?

Clearly, no support worker needed

Non medial seizures?

Self harming in class - but no bleeding

Not a cause for concern

I’ll put it down as a TSG

Poor mental health and attempts on life?



No support worker needed


Welcome, Good Morning

Sign in to a calculator

Do you compute?

It takes 30 minutes to load

30 minutes to encode

The education these kids are owed

Each cut you make

Cuts our children

Who try to make it


How will our students thrive and learn

When as staff

We do not earn

Enough to catch the bus


No energy to make a fuss

Worn thinner than bone

Live in houses we’ll never own

We are tired

We are penniless and assessed

Signed off work with work related stress


Under staffed


Might as well

Be on minimum wage


Under Tory Government

Our children’s days are numbered

Inflation: match it

Or each year we take a pay cut

No ifs and no buts

We’d take action, except we can’t

You pass bills that do not pay us


Education is the square route of opportunity


Give our starving children unity, and a slice of pi

Why Richi, won’t you spare us a fraction

Your actions speak louder than words

Will your push for mathematics

Help you to quantify how little you pay us

Tory tactics

Pay the rich and cut the asthmatics

Abolish the arts that breath the truth

But your data speaks

And we read it

We liquify your threat with paint


When will our pay equate

To the percentage of our fate

We are owed for data duplicates

Motivate then suffocate

Multiply subtracted time

This is measured and far from fine

Far from equal

Break the calculator

Insurmountable unpaid hours

We cower

Weakened under toppling paperwork towers

Scrape the barrel

Prepare for lessons on the toilet

Don’t forget

To do your planning while you eat

Deliver lessons while you sleep


The reality is

We are striking

Fighting against suicide

Against one word that ended a life

Entrapped by stress

Entrapped by fear

Damned if we do

Damned if we don’t

Take a pay cut or be scorned

We are warned

The media supports our poverty

College lecturers

Worse off than school teachers

College lecturers

Worse off than Uni lecturers

Yet we aren’t even allowed to strike



If the building is burning

Will you carry on learning?

It took you eight months

To teach me protocols for fire safety

Safeguarding training?
It can wait

Safety last

Let’s have a laugh

Look past the glassy manager

Blame the begging lower staff


Good Morning Miss Edwards


You will be taught

How to ignore

Your human instincts

How to show

A child the door

A child


No weight to weigh

Starving hungry

What five a day?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

How are they to succeed

With no mouths or money to feed

Forgotten dreams of achieving

Self actualisation


I often fear

I often hear

“I didn’t think I’d live this long”

How wrong

They didn’t draw blood

Send them back to get a thud


They’re non medical seizures

Let’s call their bluff

It’s full of fluff

They’re attention seeking

Poor mental health is peeking

I am shrieking

But my precaution meets an eye-roll


Passed off in dismissal


Acute awareness

An empty chair

Run the stairs

To raise the alarm

They left my classroom to self harm

Broken glass

Right up their arms

A web of blood upon their forearm

Spell it out in flesh and rhyme

We caught them in the nick of time

Before they spread their wings to fly

Off of the multi story car park to die

I take pride

I will not roll a lazy eye

Like you did

This child drew blood

Ill mark it in the system as a concern

The child’s at risk

Of your blinded idle eyes



Spider addled mind

They convinced her

She was toxic

So she walked the corridors at night


Holding her mother’s kitchen knife
Someone did this to a child

To a beautiful, funny, creative mind

She could have thrived

If my manager had tried

To catch the person

That turned her blind

That turned her sick

That warped her mind

Level 3 sectioning status

On a permanent hiatus


Welcome, Good Morning

My level 2’s

They start at 9

And finish learning

At half past 5

On a Friday

The graveyard shift

God’s single greatest gift


They call me names like fucking bitch

Fuck off you fucking bitch

I don’t shame them

I don’t blame them

They spit at me with weighted phlegm

And I take it because I see them

I see every single person


I see their terror

I see their joy

I see their rage

An empty page

Beyond their heavy venom

Their oppositional defiance

Is a child


Welcome everyone,

Today you are armed

With a sturdy graphite pencil

Use this stencil

Then screw it up

Cut and paste and re-imagine us

Who can define the word symbol?

It is simple and you are symbolic

Draw out a better future

Listen to your tutor

You are bright

It’s colour theory

Don’t be teary

You are warmer than the truth

Embrace and have a look

Still life

A tint of hope

A shade of fate

No time to waste

You paint it straight

We celebrate

With art

We fight the cuts they make



Good Morning

Wake up

When will you come to realise 

That every lesson shapes a life

It starts with loyal staff

But we’re busy fighting fires 

Where is this end? 

Where is the truth?

I bid you lord to save youth 



After reaching out to organisations and submitting a number of FOI requests to the Department for Education, here is the latest data on mental health within the college sector. (Last accessed 07/03/23)


  • Staff in Further Education colleges are working an average of 2 unpaid days per week. (Source: UCU Workload Survey 2021)

  • More than 90% of respondents said pace or intensity had increased over the last three years (either slightly or significantly). 3 in 4 respondents stated that the pace or intensity of work had increased significantly.  (Source: UCU Workload Survey 2021)

  • 8 in 10 staff in English colleges suffer from financial insecurity. 4 in 5 (80%) said they felt financially insecure or very financially insecure, compared to 12 months ago. (Source: UCU ‘On the Breadline’ Report July 2022)

  • 7 in 10 (70%) of the report's respondents said they would not be working in the sector in five years' time unless issues surrounding pay, workloads and job security are addressed. (Source: UCU ‘On the Breadline’ Report July 2022)

  • Over 19 in 20 (96%) said that their income either does not cover their costs of living or only just about covers their cost of living. (Source: UCU ‘On the Breadline’ Report July 2022

  • More than 4 in 5 respondents (82%) said their financial situation was having an impact on their mental health. (Source: UCU ‘On the Breadline’ Report July 2022)

  • 57% of sixth form college staff had actively sought to change or leave their current job. 57% of Sixth Form Staff and 61% of FE staff have actively sought to change or leave their current job. (Source: Education Support Teacher Wellbeing Index 2022)

  • 63% of Sixth form and 67% of FE staff described themselves as stressed. (Source: Education Support Teacher Wellbeing Index 2022)

  • Sixth Form College staff had an average wellbeing score of 44.68, classified as being at high risk of psychological distress and increased risk of depression, while FE staff had a score of 43.80. (Source: Education Support Teacher Wellbeing Index 2022)

  • “Our findings show that teachers spend less than a half of their time on teaching, while lesson planning, marking and administrative tasks take up a large part of their non-teaching time. Many respondents in both sectors do not have enough time to do the important aspects of their job. This is why they work in their free time: evenings, weekends or annual leave.” (Source: 2019 Ofsted report on Schools and Further Education)

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