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Two Heads are Better Than One

Acrylic paint, clay cast/kiln remnants from KE SCULpture Class

Performance piece TBC

Skin: a roadmap for understanding our metal-health and wellbeing.

An illustration of our diet, a painting of what our mind and body digests.

Engrained is an abstracted depiction of our deepest vulnerabilities that reside within its texture. We can hide behind our skin, but the veil is thin - it does not lie.

The epidermis is clothed

wearing nothing but our woes and our beauty

quietly reacting and whispering to its surroundings. 


The sickly, churning skin-colour pallet is inspired by an innate sense of anxiety that mirrors feelings a phobic scenario. An anxious state can physically restrict flow, clarity and movement. A mind unguarded by mindfulness will recycle and circle around deliciously unhelpful thoughts. Trauma: a raw, open wound; thinly crusted over by the air, waiting to be torn back open, testing the strength of its epithelium. 

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