Two Heads are Better Than One

Acrylic paint, clay cast/kiln remnants from KE SCULpture Class

Our skin is a roadmap for understanding our metal-health and wellbeing. It is an illustration of our diet, a painting of what our mind and body digests. Our skin is an abstracted depiction of our deepest sensitivities that reside within its texture. We can hide behind our skin, but the veil is thin, it does not lie. It wears our problems and subtly communicates them to others. 


To paint on a textured sculpture offer’s an eerie, provocative reality. The sickly, stomach churning skin colour plallete is inspired by an innate sense of anxiety. These sculptures induce feelings of anxiety and terror that mirror the artist’s emotions during this very difficult time. COVID has caused enough worry to last us a lifetime, yet life must trundle on. Other worries, other stresses still exist, only we are exhausted and have reached saturation point. We are overloaded and highly sensitive, the smallest things can set us off. 


A problem shared is a problem halved. I could not have made in through this time without my gorgeous family and friends, but above all my partner. My rock, my hard place (oy), my world and my everything. I also owe a great deal to all of the wonderful adults and children I teach. It is an honour and a privilege to teach such inspiring people. Talk to people, break out of your hibernation. Share your woes and your happiness. And if you don’t have anyone to talk to, turn to the boundless enrichment of nature. Take a walk into the courtyside and whisper to the trees. Sing generously to the flowers and whistle softly to the birds.