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Annie Edwards is a multimedia, installation and performance artist from Wales. Her work acts as a diagnostic tool for exploring the body’s ever changing physical and psychological states. She utilises unusual and contrasting materials to express personal experiences. Annie's work provokes a sense of compassion and empathy in the act of revealing her own flaws and vulnerabilities, enabling a mutual exchange of empowerment between artist and viewer. She uses provocative and stimulating imagery to challenge our sense of disgust. Strong emotional reactions associated with visceral colour and texture are used to examine beauty in the unconventional.

"I believe that art should generate a sense of community through stimulation and participation. To experience art through sight, touch, sound, taste and smell creates an inclusive experience for the viewer. This is essential to my practice and is the theme that runs throughout my work."

She has exhibited in Vancouver, BC and across the UK and is currently working on a series of sculptural portrait paintings that both illustrate and induce a sense of anxiety and terror.

T E A C H I N G 

Both my practice and teaching are centered around connecting and invigorating people through art. My aim as a facilitator is to tailor the learning experience around the individual’s needs and interests. I have an excellent track record for facilitating successful applicants in their onward careers. My skill as a teacher is to ignite confidence and passion in making art that celebrates personality, skill, originality and fresh contemporary practices.

I currently lecture at Bristol School of Art, teaching Foundation, Level Two, Access and Private art groups. 

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